On fete day, we’re going to reuse, repurpose, wash, recycle and compost more than ever before. We’re designing the fete always keeping our moto Waste less @ Wales Street front of mind. There’s lots you can do to help us…

Second hand shopping is a great way for our community to Waste less @ Wales Street. However, if an item is ripped or stained we won’t be able to sell it. Please take bags of these items to (Northland or CBD) H&M yourself to be recycled and you get a 15% off next purchase voucher in return.

If you have any surplus reusable bags – not single use plastics – please drop those in to the fete shed with your donations and we’ll be able to use those on the day for those who forget their bags (or buy more than they meant to!)

And if any families use Who Gives a Crap toilet rolls please also save and bring the pretty wrappers to the fete shed.

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