Yup, just 16 days left until your last chance to drop off donations – during the Sunday 15 March Working Bee, 10am – 1pm.

So now is the time to channel Marie Kondo and bring us your books, clothes and toys that may well spark joy in someone else who loves a good second hand bargain.

Appreciate we’re sounding like a broken record but here’s a reminder:


School days until Friday 13 March, 8.45 – 9.15am and 3.15 – 3.45pm

Saturday 29 February, 10am-1pm (Sorting Session)

Wednesday 4 March, 7-9pm (Sorting Session)

Wednesday 11 March, 7-9pm (Sorting Session)

Sunday 15 March, 10am-1pm (Working Bee)


Any and all complete/not torn books and comics


Good quality women and kid’s clothes including Wales St uniforms, NO men’s clothes, accessories, bags or undies.

Choose donations carefully, please don’t make our lovely volunteers sort stuff that can’t be sold and take up extra valuable time being taken to be recycled – take it to H&M yourself please 🙂


For all ages, e.g. puzzles, games, craft, LEGO, dolls, sports equipment, costumes, bikes & scooters, small items suitable for the Lucky Dip.

Must be clean and in good condition, and please pretty please NO soft toys.

Please put puzzles/small pieces in a clear bag