Child Wise

Dear parents/carers,

 We are currently working with Child Wise, one of Australia’s leading child abuse prevention organisations, to implement a personal safety program alongside programs already in place, which has been designed to provide children with the skills to know what to do in situations where they may be at risk of harm. Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot be there to provide protection for our children. Therefore, we believe it is very important, as a school community, that we do everything we can to provide our children with skills in self-protection.

What Is Personal Safety?

Personal Safety is the building up of children’s resilience and confidence in order for them to problem solve and identify strategies to prevent them from harm and abuse. Personal Safety strategies teach children how to identify and avoid risky situations. The program empowers and educates children to identify and speak up about situations such as:

.               abuse

.               grooming

.               bullying

.               risk-taking behaviours.


Why a Personal Safety Program?

.               We want children to be safe, able to identify what is right and wrong and what to do if they have concerns.

.               We want children to take notice of their feelings. This will enable them to respond safely to worrying feelings, people who make them feel uncomfortable and concerning behaviour.

.               We want them to develop good observation and problem-solving skills to stay safe in emergencies.

.               We want them to be strong and confident in the knowledge that they have the right to be safe at all times.

.               We want them to have the resources and networks to call on if they have concerns or are in danger.

To be successful we need your help and support. The Personal Safety Programinvolves a holistic approach to keeping children safe. Personal safety education is at its most effective when there is a three way approach to educating teachers and other professionals, parents/carers and children.

To ensure that parents and carers are fully informed and know how to help children to stay safe, we will hold an information session, which you are encouraged to attend.  The session will introduce you to the program and ways you can reinforce protective messages at home.  If you are unable to attend, there are other ways for you to access information:

  • Visit the Child Wise website at, and click on: ‘Programs’ and ‘Parents/Carers’
  • Speak to you Child’s teacher
  • Download a Child Wise (Parent’s guide talking to children about safety) information booklet from the website

Whether you attend or not we urge you to take the time to read the Child Wise “Parents Guide to Talking to Children about Safety” and discuss these themes with your child. It is important that you participate as much as possible, so that you can reinforce the messages children are receiving and help your child use his or her new skills with confidence.

The parent’s information session will be held on Tuesday 23rd May at 6:00pm in the 3/4 building. We have a limit of the number of participants so can you please inform the office if you are attending.

 (please note no children are permitted to this session)