Each year approximately half the members on school council face election as part of a process to ensure mentoring and renewal of this body.

The role of School Council, the various categories of membership election and calls for nominations for the 2019 election are detailed below. If you choose to nominate, please attach a written paragraph about yourself that can be published in the event of an election and for entry into the newsletter.

If the number of nominations exceeds the vacancies then an election is conducted for members of the School Council of Wales Street PS. Before considering standing for School Council please consider the time commitment as it is an expectation that as a School Council member that you may also be a member of one of the sub committees.


Election time frame


Friday 1st February  

Notice of School Council vacancies and calls for nominations

Nomination forms on the website or copies at the front desk and attached to this newsletter.

Friday 15th   February

Closing Date for School Council Nominations at  4pm.

Monday 18th February

Notification of School Council Elections if required

Tuesday 19th  February


Display a list of candidates, nominators and seconder outside Office.

Distribution of ballot papers by mail if necessary.

Thursday 21st  February

Close of ballot at 4:00 pm.

Friday 22nd    February

Counting of votes and declaration of the poll.


School Council AGM.


Following the closing of nominations a list of the nominations received will be posted at the school. The terms of office, membership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows –


Membership category


Term of office


Number of       positions

Parent member

From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2019 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2021



Department of Education and Training (DET)

employee member

From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2019 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2021




If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will be posted in a prominent position at the school.


Votes may be posted to the Principal or placed in the ballot box at the school on any day up to the closure of the ballot. Further details on how votes may be lodged will be provided when ballot papers are sent to the electorate of the school.


School Council

What is a school council and what does it do?

All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.


Who is on the school council? There are three possible categories of membership:


A mandated elected Parent category. More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education and Training (DET) employees can be Parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not employed at the school.


A mandated elected DET employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.


An optional Community member category. Its members are co-opted by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. DEECD employees are not eligible to be Community members. Wales Street under its current School Council membership schedule does not have any positions under this category.


The term of office for all members is two years. Half the members must retire each year, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections.


Why is Parent membership so important? Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school. Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

Nomination forms ca be returned to the front office or emailed to : chr

How can you become involved? The most obvious way is to vote in the elections, which are held in Term 1 each year. However, ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant. In view of this, you might seriously consider standing for election as a member of the school council encouraging another person to stand for election.


Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.


What do you need to do to stand for election?

The principal will issue this notice and call for nominations in term one each year. All school council elections must be completed by the end of March. If you decide to stand for election, you can arrange for someone to nominate you as a candidate or you can nominate yourself in the Parent category. DET employees whose child is enrolled in a school in which they are not employed are eligible to nominate as parents for the school council where their child is enrolled. Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the principal within the time stated on the notice of election. You will receive a Nomination Form Receipt in the mail following the receipt of your completed nomination. If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted during the two weeks after the call for nominations has closed.


Please ask at the school office for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do. It is also a very good idea to consider initially going onto a School Council Committee rather than School Council itself as a way of ensuring that you are not over committing yourself and are clearly about what is involved as a School Council Member.  Contact the school for further information.


Please return nomination forms attached, (available at front office or on the school website) to the school office or email them to :  Please write : School Council 2019 Parent Nomination in the subject line at the top of the email by 15th February 2019.