The Anxious Bird Parent Information Night

Please join us for The Anxious Bird’s Parent Information night about combatting childhood Anxiety

Mental Illness doesn’t wait until adulthood to surface. Over a 12 month period, 1 in 4 young people will experience a mental illness. Often masked and unseen, it holistically impacts the development of a young person’s educational journey and learning outcomes. With effective intervention and support, anxiety and other mental illness should not hinder the positive learning pathways for a student. This session aims to give you confidence to talk about, approach and deal with student mental health illness issues.

What will the session cover?

  • This session will explore why we need to have conversations with children around  anxiety


  • How we can introduce the conversation of anxiety to children with confidence by understanding anxiety.


  • Creative ways we can encourage young people to managing their own mental wellbeing within the Recovery model framework.


When: 14th March 2019

Where: Staff room



Jules Haddock is a facilitator of recovery programs specific to people experiencing a mental health disorder. Prior to education based support, she worked closely with all ages, Aboriginal communities, and people with disabilities such as Autism, challenged by their mental illness within a community framework of practice. A REACH facilitator through the Black Dog Institute, Mental Health First Aid Instructor and accredited trainer in Mental Health, Jules is well versed and passionate in her endeavour to demystify, educate and encourage intervention of mental illness by the community as a whole. Her delivery style is creatively engaging, reflecting her passion as a practicing artist, which sees her currently involved in school based youth community art projects specific to mental illness. Jules’s take on mental illness is “It’s not about them and us; we are all in this together”.