future plans for wales st primary school

Future Redevelopment Plans

Vision & Progress

The Wales Street Primary School Master Plan sets out a vision to transform our school campus into a vibrant and active hub that supports the needs of our current and future students, teachers and families, and provides benefit to local community through welcoming community to share our school facilities.

Stage One of our master plan was completed in late 2021 after receiving $4.1M funding from Victorian State Government in 2018. This resulted in a significant upgrade to the Wales Street building and the ground floor of the Speight St building.

Fundraising by our school community enabled the installation of our nature play garden.

wales st primary school future plans

Stage Two Master Plan – Benefits & Facilities

Stage two of the master plan would provide:

  • A full sized gym and multipurpose performing arts space, for use by all
  • Increased and enhanced outdoor green spaces for active and passive uses
  • A Flexi-Pave outdoor basketball/netball court to replace asphalt court
  • New library with lift facilities to second storey in the Speight Street Building, meeting accessibility standards
  • Double storey portable classrooms to replace obsolete LTC portables
  • Upgrades to classrooms on second storey of Speight Street building.
  • Improved access and movement between buildings
  • Increased benefits to local community through offering the Hub to community for after hours use

Ways You Can Help

  1. Like us on Facebook Wales Street Primary School Redevelopment | Facebook – Comment, share and encourage support​
  2. Take the Survey –Tell us https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3TF7QFS if you would use our facilities as a community member​
  3. Get the message of support to government. Write to them. Email them. Call them. Post on their Facebook. View them here

Next Steps – We need your support

Wales Street Primary School is now seeking government funding to deliver Stage Two of the master plan which includes a Arts and Wellbeing Hub for sport, recreation, art and culture. Facilities will include a large multi-purpose covered/indoor space catering for assemblies and performing arts, a multi-sports ball arena, an art and creative hub, and meeting spaces for use by the local community.

Delivering stage two of the master plan will enable our school to open its doors and welcome the local community in, to share and use our school facilities after hours, and provide a place for people to connect, stay healthy and become active members of our school community.

To meet the growing needs of our school and ensure important building and open space improvements can be made, so that our students can learn and thrive in a school that is fit for purpose, WSPS need the support of our local community.

Ways you can help

1. Follow us on Facebook – Share our Redevelopment page and encourage comments of support and keep up to date with our campaign. Wales Street Primary School Redevelopment | Facebook

2. Tell us what you think – WSPS want to invite the local community to share the facilities proposed for our new  Arts and Wellbeing community Hub.  We want to know if you would use our sports, art and cultural/social facilities, if available to you. Take our short 3 minute survey and tell us if you would use our facilities. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3TF7QFS

3. Lobby key government representatives – Write to them. Email them. Call them. Post on their Facebook pages. VIEW FURTHER INFORMATION & LINKS 
Raise awareness of the growing needs of our school to ensure we get much needed government funding support, to make important building and open space improvements. 
Get the message out there and make your vote count in this November election.

Further Information and Links

Contact details of government representatives:

Minister for Education
Minister Natalie Hutchins, natalie.hutchins@minstaff.vic.gov.au Ph. (03) 9449 1511

Local MP Member for Northcote
Kat Theophanous, kat.theophanous@parliament.vic.gov.au Ph (03) 9481 5777

Federal MP Member for Cooper (formerly Batman)
Ged Kearney, Ged.Kearney.MP@aph.gov.au   (03) 9416 8690

Candidates for November State election (known to date)

Greens Candidate
Campbell Gome, campbell.gome@vic.greens.org.au

Labor Candidate
Kat Theophanous, kat.theophanous@parliament.vic.gov.au   (03)  9481 5777

Download a pre-forma letter template or write your own.  Candidates See link here  Education Minister See link here

Share the survey link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3TF7QFS with your community networks. Download a hard copy of the survey and drop it back to us in the office by 16th October  (insert as PDF)

Visit the WSPS Facebook Redevelopment Page Wales Street Primary School Redevelopment | Facebook

Contact us via the FB page if you would like to help, have any ideas or would like further information about the project

View a copy of the May 2021 submission made to Kat Theophanous VIEW SUBMISSION HERE