At Wales Street Primary School, we believe that Mathematics provides a way of explaining and analysing the world around us. During the primary years, we aim to provide students with a deep understanding of mathematical concepts while developing fluency applying basic skills in a range of situations, including problem solving tasks. Teachers try to nurture an appreciation of the role of mathematics in driving technological change and the role it has in daily life. Students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills as lifelong learners.


Resources for supporting your child's mathematical skill development at home:



Mathletics is a tool that is regularly used by teachers at Wales Street Primary School. Your child can participate in 'Live Mathletics' which encourages skill fluency, complete tasks set by the classroom teacher or consolidate their own learning by choosing lessons that they would like to complete.

The Mathletics website also has a fantastic parent blog with suggestions about how you can develop mathematical understandings and skills in every day life.


Tens Frames Games
These games are designed to help students develop their understanding of 10. There are also links to printable 10's frames you can use at home.
30+ things to do with a hundreds chart
There are a range of activities here that are great for students who are developing their understanding of numbers to 100.
Dice Games


Card Games