Sub Committees

There are a variety of ways you can become a part of our school community! Become actively involved in your child's school life by participating at the level you feel comfortable.

You Could assist in the parent helpers program, attend school functions such as working bees and social nights or join a sub committee of the school council.

Sub committees include:-

  • Events (this includes the Fete committee)
  • School After Care
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Policy and Strategic Planning

Any one member of our community can attend these sub committes. If you have a passion in one of these areas and would like to attend please contact us at

School Council and Proposed Committee Dates for 2014







10th Feb

12th Feb

12th Feb

14th Feb

18th Feb

26th February

10th March

12th March

12th March

14th March

18th March

26th March AGM






30th April +

12th May

14th May

14th May

16th May

20th   May

28th May

9th June

11th June

11th June

13th June

17th June

25th June

4th Aug

6th Aug

6th Aug

8th Aug

12th Aug

20th Aug

1st  Sept

3rd Sept

3rd Sept

5th Sept

9th Sept

17th   Sept

13th Oct

15th Oct

15th Oct

17th Oct

21st  Oct

29th  Oct

10th Nov

12th Nov

12th Nov

14th Nov

18th Nov

26th  Nov

* 1st Dec


*  28th Nov

*3th Dec

3rd Dec

+ Special Joint School Council Professional Development Meeting   * Meeting if required

 ** Fete committee is meeting every Wednesday at 8 pm up to the  Fete on the 29thMarch


?   Events:   7.00 pm Mondays

?   Facilities:  7.00 pm Wednesday

?   SAC: 8 .00 am Fridays

?   Policy & Strategic Planning: 7.15 pm Wednesdays

?   Finance:  7.00 pm Tuesdays

?   School Council:  7.00 pm Wednesdays