Instrumental Music Programs

School council values the contribution of instrumental music lessons to a child’s education and regret that we do not have the funding to run our own instrumental music program. Instrumental music lessons can form an important part of a child’s education and is very much a component of the ‘wholistic approach’ to a child’s education. In lieu of a school funded program we are striving to facilitate access to quality instrumental music lessons through a user pays system delivered by the following external providers.


Cat Canteri

Steve Mayhew

ABC Music



Cat Canteri


Believes that learning and playing music should be a joyous, pleasurable and rewarding experience.

She has a Bachelor of Music (Improvisation), Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne.


Singer-Songwriter, drums and guitar with The Stillsons

All students learn to read and compose using standard music notation, and theory appropriate to their playing ability.

Cat believes students should have strong rhythmic foundations upon which to build their theory and practice.  So in their first lesson (on either drums, guitar or keys ) each student will learn how to clap and count Semi-breves, Dotted Minims, Minims and Crotchets in 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures.

Every child is different and encourages them to direct her on what musical styles they are interested in learning - Blues, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Top 40 Hits etc.

Beginners on Keyboard will learn from  hand written music and notes - varying from a week to several months. This will give me an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and allow me to accelerate each pupil’s learning according to their their knowledge and ability. Once their hand-written progress has reached an appropriate level, Cat advises parents on suitable books for them to purchase. 

There is a non-compulsory concert held at the end of every semester.

All students are required to have an instrument to practice on at home - with the exception of drums.


Individual lessons:  $38/30min  or  $28/20min 


Please contact Cat on 0432339255 or


Steve Mayhew


Steve has been an Educational Support Staff member at Wales Street for the past seven years. He teaches fun modern rock to classical guitar lessons. Steve's aim is to teach the fundamentals of guitar, both tablature and note theory, and to bring the student up to the best of their ability.


Paired lessons: $20/30mins


Please contact Steve on 0405 715 626








Music is our life, our business & our passion

We really do make music in schools as simple as ABC.  We bring the magic of music to very popular instrumental programs for primary schools






Mairéad is trained as a classical pianist and is inspired by a vast range of musical styles. Mairéad loves to connect with students through their own musical perspective and to enable them to create sounds that they love from their earliest lessons. Whether in group or individual lessons, Mairéad takes her students on a journey exploring music creatively through technique, enjoyment, and personal expression.  


As a teacher, Mairéad draws upon over 20 years of playing the piano and significant experience with A.M.E.B. Exams, ensemble playing, and solo performance. Mairéad holds a Graduate Diploma of Music from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Associate Diploma in piano performance (A.Mus.A). Mairéad is currently undertaking a Master of Music (Performance Teaching) at the University of Melbourne.