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Student absence and illness

In accordance with Department of Education and Training regulations, parents and carers are required to advise the school of a student absence for any reason – e.g. illness, appointments, family holidays, etc. Please advise the school of absences by using the parent portal on Compass, or by phoning the school.

If your child is absent and you haven’t notified us
The daily roll is taken at 9:05 am. You will be advised at 10:30 am if your child is not at school and has an unexplained absence.

If your child is late
If your child is late, please sign them in using the kiosk on the front desk at the school office, where they will be given a late pass to take to class with them.

If your child becomes ill during the day
If your child becomes ill during the school day, they will be taken to first aid (nexy door to the office). The school nurse will usually assess your child, and, if required, you will be contacted to come and take your child home.

If your child leaves school early
If you arrive to collect a sick child, or if your child is leaving early for any other reason, please ensure you sign them out using the kiosk at the office before taking your child home.

Emergency contact numbers
Please ensure you have provided the school with emergency contact numbers for your children. If we cannot contact you personally, we require emergency contact people who are able to collect your child in your absence. Your child can only be released to your nominated emergency contact person. If you have shared custody, you need to notify us in writing on the arrangements to be made if your child becomes ill during the day.