What’s on?

Keep an eye on the events calendar on this website for key dates, and on any updates from your child’s classroom teacher regarding excursions and incursions and other special celebrations. These are also communicated to families via Compass.

wales st primary art show
swimming carnival wales st primary


There’s so much more to a year at Wales Street than the school day alone. Our year is full of events and special days that give us opportunities to celebrate our learning, challenge ourselves, and just enjoy school life.

In addition to a variety of incursions and excursions, and annual camps for the older year levels, this is just a sample of the annual activities at Wales Street…

Arts and culture

  • Performing arts concert Foundation – Grade 2*
  • Performing arts concert Grades 3-6*
  • Wales Street Art Show*
  • Italian Day
  • Book Day
  • Book Fairs

* These major arts events are held every three years on a rotational basis.

Celebrating learning

  • Grade 6 Exhibition
  • Foundation Happy Hours
  • Portfolio Nights/Open Classrooms

Sporting events

  • Athletics Carnival
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Triathlon
  • Cross Country


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