park safely at wales st primary

Staying safe in the drop-off zone

We’re a large school in a residential area, and limited parking is available around the school grounds. It’s essential that all drivers take great care when dropping off and picking up their children, especially around school and pedestrian crossings and other access points. And please, for everyone’s safety (and for the amenity of our neighbours), we urge all drivers to obey the parking signs and speed limits etc.

Kiss ‘n’ go zones

To help reduce congestion, the school has two official (and clearly marked) ‘Kiss ‘n’ Go’ zones – one on Speight Street and one alongside the oval on Clyde Street.

Note that conditions apply to the use of these zones, so please read the signs carefully. Do not leave your car if you stop in these zones – you may drop off or pick up your children, but the driver must remain with the car at all times. If you need to park your car, we recommend that you park in the surrounding street.

Please note that Council inspectors do patrol the Kiss ‘n’ Go zones and the parking zones surrounding the school from time to time and will issue infringements to those found to be in breach of the rules.