“Our Library is a safe and relaxing space, where we use our imagination while we listen to, find and read stories and we feed our curiosity by reading and learning about the world and beyond.”

Part of the Library Essential Agreement constructed after input from WSPS students.

“The school library can enable students to achieve better learning outcomes…help improve students’ literacy by offering reading opportunities… and provides… access to quality reading experiences that foster reading for pleasure.”

Excerpt from “What a school library can do for you” SLAV 2018

Our students participate in one library session per week and have the opportunity on Tuesday and Thursday to come to Library Club. This is an opportunity to find a quieter space and chill out with a good book or sit and listen to story time with one of our teachers.

During Library classes students listen to and discuss a picture story book that could relate to their current IB Unit of Inquiry, IB Learner profile or key concepts, a current event, celebration or commemoration or it might be a new book that the Librarian just wants to share! We are all about creating a love of reading in our students. Students may learn about an aspect of the Library or information gathering and then they have the opportunity to browse and choose books to borrow before some silent or shared reading time.


Information, Communications and Technology/ BYOD Ipads Program

Our vision for eLearning at Wales Street Primary School is to enable our students to become independent, capable, responsible and creative users of digital technologies. Increasing access to technology is essential for the future. One of the best learning tools for 21st Century students is the iPad. The individual use of iPads is a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for further studies and the workplace.  

Having access to technology will enable students and teachers to choose from a wider range of tools at any given time. Together, teachers and students will be involved in making decisions about the most effective way that students can craft their work and create, showcase and share their learning with others. At different times this will include the use of books and pencils, posters and visual presentations and iMovie opportunities – other tools we will discover together.

Ongoing professional learning is crucial for staff to improve their capabilities and contribute to a positive eLearning culture throughout the school. Staff will have access to strategic, scaffolded, high quality professional learning experiences and will be supported to strategically plan for the integration of eLearning into their teaching practice.

Digital technologies plays an important role in the links between school and home. Allowing students to share their work with their families through digital technologies creates a more meaningful, authentic and relevant learning experience and provides a link between their academic and family life.  

The BYOD iPad classroom will be an environment where the students have the freedom to select the best tool for the task. The program provides opportunities for our students to learn both within and beyond the traditional classroom walls.

Along with iPads, desktops and other digitals devices WSPS are leaning to be effective digital citizens.