Physical Education


Foundation students focus on Fundamental Movement Skills. They participate in a range of games and activities designed to improve their running, jumping, hopping and skipping abilities. Their PE classes also encourage team work and sportsmanship, through co-operative games. They will also be challenged to develop ball handling skills such as rolling, bouncing, receiving, catching and kicking.

Grade 1/2

Students at this level are challenged to increase their Fundamental Movement Skills, specifically skipping, dodging, horizontal and vertical jumping.

They will continue to develop their kicking, dribbling and other ball handling skills, including a focus on overarm throwing and catching. Students participate in games aimed at improving co-ordination and confidence.

Grade 3/4

The 3/4 students apply their catching, throwing, dodging, attack and defence skills in a range of modified games. This is aimed at increasing their understanding of and ability to play team sports. Students are challenged to develop good sportsmanship by working with a range of peers at different ability levels. Many of the skills taught at this level can be transferred to a range of sports and modified games throughout the year and into levels 5 and 6.

Grade 5/6

In PE classes students at this level participate in a range of sports and games including: Ultimate Frisbee, T20 cricket and Basketball. Students are challenged to create their own games and present them to the class. Students also participate in a range of traditional and non-traditional games designed to challenge their use of physical and thinking skills.

Throughout the year students in grades 4-6 are given the opportunity to represent Wales Street PS in a number of inter-school sporting events, including: Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, T20 Cricket, Basketball and Triathlon.

Students in grade 6 can also participate in inter-school sports including: Cricket, Softball, Rounders, Tennis, Soccer, AFL football and Netball.