Swimming Program 2022

Swimming dates for 2022 will be posted on the Compass calendar.

Swimming Program

Wales Street offers swimming programs for Foundation to Grade 6..
Here’s five great reasons why your kids should learn to swim:

1. Swimming teaches children essential safety and skills that may one day save their life.

Royal Life Saving Society Australia’s National Drowning Report for 2014 showed that 30 children aged between 0 – 14 drowned in the past year. Although there has been a decrease of drowning deaths in the 0-4 year age group, the fact that children are still drowning is unacceptable. It is disturbing to think that 30 children drowned in the past year.

2. It builds confidence as they accomplish skills and continues to provide further challenges.

Learning to swim is one of life’s milestones, like riding a bike or learning to read it is great for self esteem and gives children a real sense of achievement.

3. Encourages independence and develops coordination skills.

While as parents and guardians we must always ensure children are supervised in an around water, their sense of independence increases as their swimming skills improve. Coordination is also improved benefitting them with other sports they might like to try.

4. Swimming is a healthy form of exercise that is low impact and provides a full body workout.

We’ve all read the statistics regarding child obesity being on the increase. Swimming is a great way to ensure your kids get healthy exercise that they enjoy.

5. Provides opportunities for social engagement with peers.

There’s nothing quite like hanging out in the pool with your friends. Imagination comes into play with water games, and healthy competition through paddling and swimming races are both enjoyable and educational.