Visual Arts

At Wales Street Primary School, we aim to deliver an exciting and engaging Visual Arts Program, which exposes the students to a wide range of experiences through which they develop skills, techniques and processes in each of the art areas in the curriculum. Visual Arts lessons incorporate the elements of the IB PYP which drives all teaching and learning at the school. In the art room, students talk about what the learner profile looks like in art, and participate in experiences that help them think about their Units of Inquiry in different ways.

The Visual Arts program includes:

  • drawing
  • painting/printmaking
  • construction
  • collage
  • textiles
  • modelling

Many opportunities are given to students to explore the elements and principles of art and to think, plan and research ideas in order to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of art in the world around them.

The Visual Arts program also aims to develop students’ sense of personal and cultural identity and equips them for lifelong involvement in, and the active appreciation of, the arts.

Students study work from a range of artists and are encouraged to identify specific art styles and discuss their responses to selected artwork. The program fosters participation and enjoyment, problem solving, confidence, responsibility, risk taking and personal pride in themselves and their work. The program also has a strong focus on student engagement and improving social skills.Students’ artworks are displayed around the school in each area and can be viewed all year round. A bi-annual art show celebrates art work across the school.


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